Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DS 106

The DS106 assignments are actually pretty interesting now that I've explored the site and gotten familiar with it. I think I will have a lot of fun with this too. The selected category that I picked was Design. I am a very creative person, I like to draw, paint, color, put together projects, and just express myself on paper, poster, etc. So I think that category fits me the best. Plus, I feel as though these assignments will challenge me and also keep my interest. The specific assignment that I have chosen to do is called "What People I Think I Do" preparing a collage of what others think I am doing and then show what I really am doing.

One of the sample blogs that I liked was about What People Think When I Say I'm Just a College Student, it doesn't show a lot of creativity but I think it's very unique. It's different and also funny. Because it really does show the assumptions that some people make about college students and what they're doing instead of what they really should be doing. My assignment will be similar to this one about college students but not exact.

I am really excited about this assignment and this blog post for next week. I believe this DS 106 course will also help us to broaden our minds to different things. I am always up for new things and new material after I realize what it's really about. When this DS 106 course was first presented to us in class I really wasn't to sure about it. I didn't want to say "No" nor "Yes" to the decision. They way it was presented I felt like it was going to be a lot of work, not saying I can't do it, but just more work then what's really needed. But after exploring the page and going through the different categories and looking at other people's sample blogs of a certain assignment I started to like it.

All of the assignments have their own uniqueness to them especially Mashup and Fanfic, but the one that stands out the most and also adapts to my personality was Design. I can't wait to explore more into these assignments within these last few weeks of class.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

If It's Boring to You, It's Boring to Your Reader

I got this topic from the post Ms. Sasser posted onto the Google+ site. It caught my eye because I also agree with it. I feel as though if I can't relate to someones writing as the reader and it's not interesting then it's boring. I also feel that way about my own writings. When given an assigned book from the professor that must be read and an assigned book report I feel under pressure. Even though in my last blog post I stated I like the feeling of being under pressure because I work harder, but this is different. Unless the book is interesting and I enjoy reading it and can also relate to then I feel like my writing will not be boring. I cannot tell you how many times I have read assigned books and even books of my own choice and they end up being boring. If the book is boring I just put it down and let it collect dust. I'm also the kind of person to judge the book by its cover. I know that it's wrong and I shouldn't do that but I do. If the book cover looks boring then I won't give the book the time of day. "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover", I've heard that saying for years and years. I understand what it means, but I think that if the author of a book is writing an outstanding piece of work then I believe the book cover should be outstanding as well. To attract the attention of the reader like myself. If I had to write a mini-book for a class assignment, I would decorate the cover to make it very appealing to the eye. In some cases I will make the cover more exciting then the writing itself.
I personally like books that are about real life, like my favorite book, "A Child Called It". That book is far from boring and the cover shows a little boy that's been through hell and back, and you can see it in his eyes. The cover and the title caught my attention so I gave it a chance. Come to find out I feel in love with it and that's how it became my favorite book. It's far from boring. So I do agree with the title, "If It's Boring to You, It's Boring to You Reader". I refuse to write a paper that's boring to me because the audience will put it down and let it collect dust like I do with books.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is one of my biggest problems when it comes to class assignments, projects, and just everyday life. I am the BIGGEST procrastinator. Once the professor gives out an assignment I always tell myself that I'm gonna go ahead and get it out the way so I don't have to do it at the last minute... well, that never happens. I always end up pushing it back and back to two days before its due or the night before. With everyday life, I'll tell myself I'm gonna go to the gym or finish an errand on a certain day and all I do is keep pushing it back until I just don't do it at all. I don't know why I procrastinate the way I do and I figured once I got to college I would change, but I didn't. Even though I am a procrastinator, it seems like that is when I do my best work. With every assignment or project I've procrastinated on I always receive an "A" as a grade. I like the feeling of being under pressure because it makes me work harder. I feel like if I work on an assignment/project right when it's assigned then I will half-ass it. Just so I can say I finished it and it's out the way. But if I do it two days before or the night before it's due that's when all of my effort goes into it. I also will feel happy with my work too. My mom has always gotten onto me about my procrastination but once I brought home that "A" she's nothing but happy. I also know that I cannot procrastinate forever and I cannot procrastinate all my years through college, so I plan on changing my bad habit very soon. But I know everyone procrastinates so I am not the only one.