Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I feel like I'm not getting anywhere..

I feeling like I'm not getting anywhere when it comes to bettering my writing skills. Yes, I know writing blogs is a good helper but I also need a good instructor to push me into progress. I'd rather write an essay paper then keep up with an online blog, website, and this other online stuff. I feel as though that an English class should be writing papers and paragraphs for the teacher to grade and show us what we did wrong in. You know the edit and revise kinda stuff? I'm not saying the stuff I am doing in my current English class is bull, but it's not helping me either. Wikipedia? That is not helping write a formal paper. I have all of these insecurities with my writing already and I feel like I can't conquer them with just writing a blog. Keeping my audience entertained and writing with a purpose are my downfalls with writing as I stated in my previous blogs. I thought I would be able to become more comfortable with it as the semester goes by but as of right now I haven't learned anything. I feel like I'm trying to teach myself and then being graded for absolutely nothing. I get nothing but a headache. I guess you can't expect the unexpected huh?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Challenges

My challenges as a writer really do reflect in my finished project. Some of my challenges are just simple issues that I have like insecurities with my writing. I don't like to let people read my writings because I feel like it's not up to par with my peers writing. Some challenges that writers face are to be expected and it's a learning experience. Having to use more then common sense is a struggle for some people because you have to actually think for your writing to be successful. Staying organized can also help with writing challenges. I know I have improved a lot when it comes to being organized so I know my writing is improving as well. Using Venn Diagrams and Bubble Outlines are great ways to stay organized when your're brainstorming. I am so used to thinking negatively about my writing that I would not try my hardest and my grade would affect that. That is my biggest challenge that I am trying to overcome. The more I express my challenges I think the more it will help me. We'll see :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

As A Writer

As a writer, I somewhat feel confident with my work. Writing has never been my strong point because it always seems as though I'm always doing something wrong. Whether it's to many run on sentences, using a comma in the wrong place, writing an incomplete sentence, or not staying on topic. I can admit that I am a rambler when it comes to writing. I can ramble on and on and soon the audience will lose interest in my writing. I like to write to inform my audience more than entertaining them. I don't write to entertain my audience. I write to entertain myself if that makes sense. So maybe I should ask myself "How Do I Entertain My Audience Instead of Myself?". I think in order for me to entertain my audience I need to put more effort into my writing.
I need to write with a true "purpose" instead of just writing to complete an assignment. To be honest I am not the kind of person to show emotions towards things, and because of that my writing is affected by it. I need to learn how to add more emotions and show emphasis behind it to entertain my audience. I need to be more confident in my writing and that will help me a lot in the long-run.
I never knew how important formal writing really was until my English class last semester. She basically broke it down to the basics of its importance and that helped me understand that just writing on Facebook/Twitter will not get me anywhere in the future. From that class I became more familiar with writing persuasive and expository papers. They were not perfect when I wrote them, but I understood the difference in just writing to write and writing with structure. I need to know "When To Write With a Purpose?". Do I write with a purpose throughout the whole paper? What if I run out of stuff to say? What if I'm not being myself? What if the audience isn't entertained when I tried really hard? All of these questions are what intimidates me to write. My mom always told me that if I read more then it will help me with my writing and my vocabulary. That can also be a confidence booster for me to engaged in other people's writing to improve my own writing. This semester I hope to end up more comfortable with my writing for audiences all over the world or just personal audiences. "To Entertain" will soon be my strong point and maybe I can start my own blog to entertain audiences, such as teenagers, on daily life crisis.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"How to write in style?" -Vonnegut

The rules by Vonnegut that will be hard for me is "Do not ramble though" and "Have the guts to cut". When I am writing papers/essays I like to write a lot of detail to express the topic, but sometimes I tend to write to much stuff that is not needed. I start to ramble on and on and start writing whatever comes to my mind about the topic. Then when I read over my paper I usually have more detail then needed but if it sounds right then I leave it and don't cut it out. I'd rather leave the extra detail in my paper and not need it then to need it and not have it.

English 101

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