Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Challenges

My challenges as a writer really do reflect in my finished project. Some of my challenges are just simple issues that I have like insecurities with my writing. I don't like to let people read my writings because I feel like it's not up to par with my peers writing. Some challenges that writers face are to be expected and it's a learning experience. Having to use more then common sense is a struggle for some people because you have to actually think for your writing to be successful. Staying organized can also help with writing challenges. I know I have improved a lot when it comes to being organized so I know my writing is improving as well. Using Venn Diagrams and Bubble Outlines are great ways to stay organized when your're brainstorming. I am so used to thinking negatively about my writing that I would not try my hardest and my grade would affect that. That is my biggest challenge that I am trying to overcome. The more I express my challenges I think the more it will help me. We'll see :)

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