Thursday, May 10, 2012

About Me

I chose this photo of me because Cheerleading is a major part of my life. It's basically who I am as a person. Majority of the people that meet me will say I'm always smiling, or I'm silly or goofy. All of those characteristics are true. I like to have fun and brighten up the room when I walk in. I have a very warm and loving personality, I don't judge or discriminate people; and I love that about myself.

If you look up the definition of a Cheerleader you will find that they are joyful, very spirited, they like attention, they're always smiling, and mainly they are supporters. Most importantly they are leaders aside from just wearing a uniform and looking a certain way. "Be a leader not a follower", I live by this quote.

I may come off as quiet, but once you get to know me you'll understand that I'm more then what you view me as. I am the true definition of a Cheer(leader). :)


  1. Hey Alicia! I also enjoy cheerleading. I've played numerous of sports before I attended college. I see that we have similar characteristics and there's nothing wrong with being quiet :). Stay a leader and NEVER a follower!

  2. Hey girl! :D I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii as well! Was born in Kahuku. XD Nice to know and be in the same class with someone who came from Hawaii!!! So you know how to talk pigeon? Lol
    Cheerleading is beautiful, but I'm scared of heights so I'd rather watch than actually do the routine. XD

  3. Alicia, I can't believe that I'm just now finding this out about you! I would have never guessed this based on how quiet you are in class. I'm glad to have you again this semester and I hope you can be our class cheerleader ;-) whenever someone gets discouraged or frustrated because they can't land that 360 :-)

  4. I also was a cheerleader, but then I came to college and that part of my life ended. Even though I don't cheer anymore I still have that cheerleader personality, thats something that won't end. I completely agree with your definition of a cheerleader, its more than just a pretty girl wearing a uniform.